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Nhenda hill of fortunes , Eastern Uganda

Busoga Kingdom has over 350 clans most of which claim to have originated from Bunyoro Kingdom. One such clan is the Igaga Clan, the biggest in the Kingdom under a
single cultural leader, the Igaga. The frst Igaga, Prince Byaruhanga, migrated from Bunyoro, crossed Koki

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The Easy way to hike hills and mountains .

The festive season is here, why not head out for a hiking encounter that will leave you with tears of joy. Here are some recommendations across Uganda.

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A dull Moment

Kampala is one of those strange places that despite being a green city, lacks green spaces demarcated for recreational purposes. It’s an oddity that bothers its
inhabitants, let alone the visitor that looks out of the plane window expecting to be met by green fields as she lands at Entebbe
international airport.

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A test of Resilience

Climbing and hiking Muhabura Mountain in Kisoro district, south western Uganda is one adventurous and a worthwhile visit you should never miss.

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Gastronomical holiday

They say that life is all about the little things. When is the last time you took a little time off? I don’t mean time off like a day or week of leave from work; I mean just a little time off your schedule or your daily routine.

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The Edongana dance

culture in Uganda

Following the restoration of peace, the Karamajong is happiness reigns in Moroto. And happiness is synonymous with dance. You will be sorry to leave Moroto without experiencing their energy consuming dances.

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The unique huts

The best way to really know the nomads is by spending a day with them as they go about their day to day life. A visit to their Manyatta homesteads will not only unveil to you their best kept secrets, but also unveil to you magnificent huts.

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Mountain Moroto

 This is the highest Mountain in Moroto District and sits at the border of Uganda and Kenya. It stands at an elevation of 3,083 meters above sea level and is one of the chain volcanoes of Mountain Elgon.It is one of the few mountains in Uganda that you can hike in a total of three hours.

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The great Karamoja Museum

If looks are anything to go by, one would be forgiven for omitting a visit to karamoja museum off their itinerary. There is nothing fancy about this facility which sits at the foot of Mountain Moroto, Singila village in Katikikile Sub County.

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The Edurkoit trees of Moroto

In the animal Kingdom, the giraffe stands out of the crowd across many fronts. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. From head to toe, it is gorgeous, with yellow and orange mosaic style patterns.

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The Great Acholi Chiefdom


The Acholi people are a Luo-nilotic tribe in northern Uganda. They occupy the current Acholi sub-region according to the geographic division of Uganda.

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Roller coastal roads.

Breathtaking site not to miss.

If you are adrenalin junkies, a road trip along meandering roads of Kapchorwa region presents a shaky but total fun-roller-coaster like ride. The hilly landscapes mean that the roads wind round with steep edges that leave one feeling like they a riding on a roller coaster.

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What do you know about Mbale ?

When most people think of paradise, they think of a place of extreme beauty or delight of happiness. To me, paradise is Wanale Hill as it embodies both qualities. Wanale is that hill with jagged slopes, located in the outskirts of Mbale Town and yes, it is from it that the town got its name. It is a grass green mountain that soars into the clear blue skies.

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Ankole Cultural Heritage .

Ankole is a region rich in cultural heritage. Unique dishes, language, folklore, you can name them, it’s all there. Originally known as ‘Kaaro-karungi’ loosely translated as ‘beautiful village.’ the area is inhabited by the Banyankole - a Bantu group.

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The Burry tourism .

Government’s planned development of the 183MW Isimba dam has resurrected the environments-development debate, bringing government planners up against opposition from tourism promoters and environmentalists.

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The African Riches

By Kezza MacTavish

Visiting Kampala in 2017 is like visiting any other big modern city, lots of nationalities gathered together celebrating with international flair.

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Travelling as part of my life.

By Nitu Surojit Dhara

Many people ponder what they should do for a vacation and I realized a lot of people do not seem to share my views about travelling.

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How to change boys to men

Every August, many Bagisu or Bamasaba boys are figuratively initiated into manhood. Bagisu inhabit the western and southern halves of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda.

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What have you done to protect your environment ?

On one hand, there is the long, winding list of endless benefits to reap from our environment, its rich wildlife and plant life that has made our lands an irresistible action attraction for tourists from across the globe.

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Get to know this tip before traveling .

By Charlene Nerima

For many people from Europe and surrounding continents, it is summer time and as such it is a time to jet on wonderful and warm adventures.

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