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Bwindi Jungle Lodge: True Oasis of peace and comfort

To say Bwindi Jungle Lodge is just an astonishing safari lodge is quite an understatement. It is a destination of diversity, energy and culture. From the fancy colours that burst open in its blue skies, to its charming sunset that leaves many of its visitors at a loss of words, it is a touristic facility where you can explore the wilderness and be pampered in splendor. As written by Solomon Oleny

 There are many particulars that comprise a great stay, and this destination which is located on Lake Mulehe, mucha, about 10kilometers from Kisoro town provides so many.

Asian Fusion Restaurant, a fun culinary journey to China and India. {Fairway Hotel-Kampala}

By Solomon Oleny
Very few restaurants know how to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Food lovers know her as Asian Fusion Restaurant. Judging by the crowds she has been attracting since her establishment in 1990's. You can easily tell that it is one of the few Asian eat outs in Kampala that have excelled highly in providing great standards at good prices. Its specialty is Indian and Chinese dishes. 

Nawab Asian Bistro can't wait to spice up your day

Craving for a feast of Indian food or Asian delicacies in general? You and your loved ones might fall short of words for this awe-inspiring gem when you visit it. 
Its name comes from an Indian word used to refer to a Muslim nobleman or person of high status. No this doesn't mean it belongs to kings. Rather, it was established to offer you exquisite dining experiences which are usually exclusive to kings.

Gastronomical holiday





 They say that life is all about the little things. When is the last time you took a little time off? I don’t mean time off like a day or week of leave from work;

The African Riches

By Kezza MacTavish




 Visiting Kampala in 2017 is like visiting any other big modern city, lots of nationalities gathered together celebrating with international flair.

Travelling as part of my life.

By Nitu Surojit Dhara








 Many people ponder what they should do for a vacation and I realized a lot of people do not seem to share my views about travelling.

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