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People & Culture

Karamoja's Edonga dance; not to be missed.

Following the restoration of peace, the Karamajong is happiness reigns in Moroto. And happiness is synonymous with dance. You will  be sorry to leave Moroto without experiencing their energy consuming dances.

One such is a Edonga, a dance that entails repeatedly jumping like the earth beneath one's feet is ablaze with hot charcoal. Like it, most of the dances showcase the unconditional love that the Karamajong have for their cattle and how they wouldn’t hesitate striking gunning down anyone who attempted to raid them. Their love is so strong, a partial reason as to why they only kill the cows if they really must. In this case, they carry out the execution in a way that is less agonizing to the skinny cows. 

At the moment, the District does not have an established auditorium or setting where the dances can be seen. However, the locals are never hesitant to exhibit their dances at the request of a tourist. Regardless of where you bump into them, they will always put up for you a world-class-performance. In appreciation, you could offer them tips.

Karamoja Museum & Cultural Center: Astonishing!!

If looks are anything to go by, one would be forgiven for omitting a visit to karamoja museum off their itinerary. There is nothing fancy about this facility which sits at the foot of Mountain Moroto, Singila village in Katikikile Sub County.

The Edurkoit trees of Moroto


In the animal Kingdom, the giraffe stands out of the crowd across many fronts. To say it is beautiful is an understatement.

The Great Acholi Chiefdom






The Acholi people are a Luo-nilotic tribe in northern Uganda. They occupy the current Acholi sub-region according to the geographic division of Uganda.

Ankole Cultural Heritage .

Ankole is a region rich in cultural heritage. Unique dishes, language, folklore, you can name them, it’s all there.

How to change boys to men






Every August, many Bagisu or Bamasaba boys are figuratively initiated into manhood. Bagisu inhabit the western and southern

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