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Ndere Cultural Centre, the home of Ugandan culture

This is a hub for culture with a catalogue of exciting services ranging from traditional music from their own dance troupe to

classic food and an unrivaled seemingly Garden-of-Eden ambiance.

The home of the Ndere Troupe, a Ugandan cultural dance, Ndere Centre or Ndere Cultural Centre is nestled on Kisaasi Road, just next to the Northern bypass.

Currently serving as headquarters for the Uganda Development Theatre Association, this cultural centre sits on a vast 9-acre greenery with eye-catching walkways, decked out under African trees.

It is a place to kick back and relax, away from the hustle and bustle that is the unending cat race.

It leaps and reeks of creativity. Perhaps it is its simplicity, its rare, unusual and startlingly beautiful architecture or probably the artistic creativity that welcomes you right at the gate.

It clings to African heritage and construction to unprecedented heights. It is tranquility in every sense of the word. Because of its vast greenery and lawns, it hosts your party, function, et al in a relaxing atmosphere taking in an unadulterated Ugandan air; fresh and crisp.

But it’s not only a hub of cultures, it has food. Lots of food. Different food and, of course, African food. What is your choice? They have it.

On the entertainment, they have cultural nights with the resident band capturing diverse cultural songs, traditional dances like Ekitaguriro, against a range of unique African musical instruments.

It weaves and twirls them into informative stories and serves them in an authentic, but artistically developed spectacle.

In case you want to spend a night, they have serene accommodation that shoos you into slumber, uninterruptedly.

It is like a slice of heaven; spacious and discreet.


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