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What must you have ?

Touring is fun. But wouldn’t it be more fun if after a tour, one, apart from the brain memory, has something substantial to aid his fun-tale. Something that, while he

regales whoever is curious enough as to listen to the journey-tales, will be thrown in to paint a perfect picture of what happened there.

Or for those that tour for study purposes, anything captured from the tourism venue to aid the verity of statistics in the study will surely, make that tour worthwhile. A notion that serves to thrust into light, the need for gadgets when one is going touring. And not just any gadgets, but the best, or to bring it closer to home, high-tech gadgets that will add oomph and pomp to a tour.lenses) regaling them with tales of their first kill.

How they seem so fluffy and lovely and adorable and vulnerable, yet in their bodies lay very dangerous predators. Because at the slightest provocation, the sight of their pounce will evoke a heart migration.Also known as field glasses or binocular telescopes, binoculars are a pair of mirror symmetrical telescopes that allow a user to view distant objects using both eyes. To allow both eyes to view distant objects symmetrically, the binoculars require two separate telescopes, one for each eye, held together in the device called binoculars allowing binocular vision.

The telescopes are mounted symmetrically side-by-side and aligned to point accurately in the same direction, providing the user with undistorted vision of distant objects. Or is that too long a description? In any case, you will need a binocular in Bwindi mpenetrable park. You will need it while viewing birds the many species of birds in the Kasenge bird sanctuary. You will need one to watch the intriguing life of a lion. I mean, isn’t it fascinating how they jump and seem to be engrossed in a conversation with their cubs, presumably (of course, from behind the telescopeSmart phone with a high resolution camera.

Isn’t this the era when having a smart phone is a must and thus, the innovation in the latest models of all the brand names are no longer something to hoot about as the manufactures seem to be outdone? Well, most have resorted to enhancing the cameras other than any other functions of the smartphones. Adding features that make for a blissful capturing of the events that happen there. They might not necessarily do for professional work,but a smartphone camera with up-notch resolution will capture a a crisp video of you cuddling a tigress (depends on which state of mind the person cuddling and the one shooting the video are in, of course) which will make your story believable. Because then, questions like how you got away with it will be answered by presenting the video of you feeding it half of your left hand before running to the rescue of a park ranger. Because that, my friends, is how you capture a Guinness book of records wildlife video.Professional camera
Now, with the hordes of professional cameras at your disposal, it’s only vital to choose one suitable for whichever activity you are going to perform. Albeit the trick being in the power of the lenses that come with the camera, it’s vital toname “Gravitational Shock”.

So in a park like Kibaale forest national park whose forest has a thick undergrowth, one is bound to get lost and the campus feature on the G-shock watch will come in handy to locate one’s way back to a lodge or the place of meeting. Or in cases where one is traversing a waterlogged thicket and thus doesn’t notice how time flies by, the light feature will help them walk their way out the darknessG-SHOCK Watch
G-Shock watches are a brand of watches manufactured by Casio known. They are designed primarily for activities that entail constant encounters with rough surfaces and are famous for in such conditions, they resist the shock evoked by the hard knocks and strong vibrations, thus, thePower bank

You need your phone all the way. You want to order a meal at the lodge. You want to post your picture on social media with the beauty of Murchison falls park in the background. You want to communicate with your relatives back at home andbetter still, brag about your presence about it. However, you will need a smartphone to do that. A working one at that. Because, see, the battery is bound to die off at some point. Yet with the possession of a power bank, you are assured of all the bliss a working smartphone avails.

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