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The Bwola Dance, where traditional meets popular

You shouldn't miss the Bwola dance. It's fun, entertaining and brings with it cultural freshness. It was a preserve for entertaining traditional chiefs during their installations

and other such palace events among the Acholi.

Dancers adorn warriors worrisome traditional attire with feathers on their heads depicting nothing, but a strong cultural heritage. Feathers signify royalty. Voluptuous, traditional sounds sear through as dancers leap and jump and fashionably wobble on the ground like a well-choreographed dance troupe. They make a beeline and file and dance leaning towards the instrumentation usually played by someone in the middle. They wiggle. They dance happily and proudly.

It is a traditional monument; a pillar of Acholi culture. It depicts strong warrior skills, how Africans are fierce and fearless, how Africans are brave and ready to attack, no matter the magnitude of the enemy. It may look strange, but it isn’t; it is a dance celebrated by the Acholi people. It shows nothing, but how people confronted their enemies - with unbridled brevity. 

Non-Acholi enjoy the Bwola dance as well. It is performed at weddings and parties. It is always performed by a bunch of traditional dancers who entertain guests leaping, wiggling and pulling moves no 'new skool’ dancers will easily match. It is a unique dance. Traditional yet enjoyable and easy on the eye. It is a cultural practice that bonds people, strengthens marriages, and entertains guests. 

The Bwola dance is Ankole’s Ekitaguriro and Bugisu’s Kadodi.  It bonds people, strengthens marriages, and entertains guests. Next time you’re at a wedding in Uganda, more especially in the Acholi region, look out for the Bwola dance. Don’t miss the Bwola dance. It is en vogue. It is the 21st Century break dance performed in Uganda where traditional meets popular in a dance matrimony. 

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