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A must place to go to

This exclusive lodge isn’t called primate lodge for nothing. It is set at the heart of Kibale National Park. A vast tropical forest park

better known for being the primate capital of the world thanks to its impressive 13 primate species

inclusive of monkeys, baboons among others. A tranquil and harmonious park where the silence of nature is only interrupted by a hectic clash of honeyed vocalizations of the many radiant bird species to whom its home.

Upon arrival at the exclusive lodge whose colourful inviting structures are primarily constructed out of eco-friendly materials, guest are treated to a heartwarming welcome by cheerful staff who were handpicked for their love for nature. Simply put, the welcome according to Tracy Kacangi a Zambian tourist who been to the lodge thrice since 2012 is the kind that leaves one feeling like a celebrity.

Primate Lodge Kibale features an exclusive camp with eight superior grass thatched safari tents raised on a wooden platform, seven intimate forest cottages with a strong African feel and a tree house all privately situated within the forest to offer inspiring experiences that rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.


Most loved among these is the tree house where travelers spend an exciting night high up in the tree in our remote Sky Tree House. This Tree House comprises of a simple bedroom and basic washing facilities at the foot of the tree.

However, there is more to it than just accommodation. It is located in arena that is a favourite of forest elephants most which visit it at night.


Regardless of where one opts to stay, they still stand a huge chance of getting excellent views of the primates from their balconies inclusive of the most shy and elusive species like the bush baby.” says Kacanga

The Activities

Activities in this part of Uganda are varied and limitless. Those who want to enjoy a primate walk can join the rangers for an exciting encounter with the chimpanzees. In the forest, you are most likely to find people bobbing about or taking a selfie against the background of enormous trees which are as old as age-than actually trekking.

Better still, if you are big on birds, a search of the Great Blue Turaco amongst 137 bird species in Bigodi Swamp is a must experience. The bonus of this experience is that you’ll come across fascinating jungly crater lakes with extraordinary wildlife and fascinating history.


Alternatively, one can opt for a guided nocturnal walk to experience the forests night life. Expect to run into bush babies and plenty of nocturnal animals.

To crown it all, one can experience a guided village walk at Bigodi Trading Centre for a mix and mingle with the traditional customs, and lifestyle of the surrounding tribe. By the end of the experience, you’ll be feeling healthier, happier and more vibrant.

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