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Asian Fusion Restaurant, a fun culinary journey to China and India. {Fairway Hotel-Kampala}

By Solomon Oleny
Very few restaurants know how to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Food lovers know her as Asian Fusion Restaurant. Judging by the crowds she has been attracting since her establishment in 1990's. You can easily tell that it is one of the few Asian eat outs in Kampala that have excelled highly in providing great standards at good prices. Its specialty is Indian and Chinese dishes. 


It is the hallmark of Fairway Hotel & Spa, a family-owned hotel in Nakasero—that was constructed in 1969 to host Pope John I during his first Papal visit to Africa. Like the hotel, Asian fusion restaurant has a rich history and has survived multiple uses throughout the years. It is as old as time but what's more! It has the charm of a star coffee shop. It is adorned with exquisite traditional art, Thai sculptures, and Chinese architecture. It prides in having private booths for intimate gatherings. The atmosphere is intimate, chick and elegant. No detail was overlooked.

The dining experience here takes you on a journey into Asia. A journey in which you will immerse in the intoxicating cultures of the Chinese and busk in the friendless of the Indians. In short, the restaurants ambience is true to its name. It has the vibe of Asia.  However, this would mean nothing if the food did not live up to the hype. Robert Mwangangi the chef is truly gifted at making foods that tease the taste buds, exposing secrets one never knew existed. I could not figure out why his food tastes so good. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to keep eating even when I knew it was time to sign out.
As is typical of senior chefs with over 25 year experience, the 47 year old strongly believes in using farm fresh ingredients to inspire healthy culinary experiences. Generally, his foods are full of great flavours and very well cooked.

If you are non-vegetarian and don't mind being spoiled a little, don't hesitate to try out his paneer butter masala. It is priced at an average of 34,000UGX like most dishes on the menu.
In his words, "the masala is a slightly sweet creamy dish of Paneer, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter (makhan), tomatoes, cashews or cream. Masalas such as red chilly powder and garam masala are also used to prepare this gravy. Rich and creamy, made with yogurt, spice, coriander and butter."
Other Indian dishes that can't be missed include Tikka, Garlic kebab, Tandoori chicken, Tangri kebab, fish Achari Tikka and whole Tandoori fish.
You may not be a big fan of vegetarian foods...but I can bet that will totally change after you have tried the stir fried Chinese greens. It is a dish made of Blanched Chinese vegetables, as tossed with a mix of garlic flavoured and light soy sauce. Other Chinese options include Sizziers, green pepper and cashew nuts, broccoli and mushrooms, kung pao and mongolian beef. You will love the authenticity of their flavours.
Over to the light part of the story, one of the most fun moments here is watching many Ugandans hustle to get food onto their chopsticks, only for it to slip off just when it is about to reach their lips. So funny!!


All said, I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who knows how to appreciate food. You could also try out their extensive wine and cocktail menu. It is a great addition. The average price for sodas is 3,000,cocktail is 12,000.
Ooh, I almost forgot to mention one thing. The restaurant is also flexible and can allow you dine at any location of choice at the hotel; the pool side, the gardens.


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