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Ibamba restuarant's dining exeprience is worth a star recommendation

I doubt you will leave this restaurant with complaints. See, it is good at delivering on it's promise of a memorable dining experience that is worth a star recommendation. It feels like a jungle restaurant as it is amidst so many trees , in a quiet part of Kamwokya, away from the bustle.  
It is found within the same premises as the oldest museum in East Africa, Uganda Museum, as established in 1908. Taking inspiration from this establishment where Uganda's cultures and traditional ways of life as preserved,
Ibamba specializes in offering a dining experience that will take you on a journey to our gallant African heritage. Credit goes to the traditional touch with which it's local foods like eshabwe are presented and served in gourds and hand made baskets. That aside, the decor is themed along African beauty and rhythms. You will be stunned by the quality and style of it's superb furnishings and colouful paintings.
Ibamba offers both an A la carte and buffet dining experience. In the latter, inter-continental dishes from Italy, India and China take center stage. On the other-hand, the buffet features up to seven food items inclusive of the usual, cow pease, beef stew, g.nut paste...... This goes for 25,000UGX and comes with a soft drink of your choosing. 
While the beers at priced at 5,000UGX, the sodas are at 3,000UGX and fresh juice at 12,000UGX. 
All said, you can't leave Ibamba without exploring the tongue endearing taste of their rolex. It is beefed up with chicken, goat or pork and prepared with ghee. The picture is made complete with an avocado. If you are overwhelmed by the diverse options on the menu, the staff are informative and will give you a lot of hints on which food to pick.
If you wish to host a bridal shower or birthday party, the venues is free as long as you are purchasing one or two items from the menu. 
Oleny Solomon Mario


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