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At Baha’i Temple of Africa, you will feel at peace with your inner self

Found on a hilltop in the outskirts of Kampala, the Baha’i Temple is a beautiful historic structure that was built a year before Uganda’s independence, 1961. It has a serene space that comes across as one of the most beautiful gardens in Kampala,

with lots of ancient trees. Writes, View Uganda

 Also known as Baha’i house of worship, it provides a spiritual ambience where you feel at peace with your inner self. It is the only one of its kind in Africa and one of the only Seven Baha’i temples that exist in the world. Each continent has one. Uganda’s has an African traditional hut design, topped with a beautiful carved dome. Inside, it is quite ornate with delightful designs. The multicolored temple has 9 doors, each of which is symbolic of a heroic prophet, the most renowned being Jesus and Mohammed. It has a strong sense of divinity which will leave you feeling really blessed by God. Even atheists will feel comfortable.   


The worshippers here are very hospitable and do not try to change your religion. On the contrary, they are happy to show you their beautiful place of worship and share with you its priceless history—that is centered on the subject of unity. In the same way, the guides passionately explain the history and the fabulous architecture of the building. They answer all questions and make the tour a bit interactive.


Preaching is mostly done without a microphone or sound system. As such, you are not robbed of your peace if you wish to meditate. What's more, the acoustics are one of a kind. Very calming to the soul. If you love walking in pleasant sprawling gardens where you can appreciate the greenery, you should be here. It will give you a feel of heaven on earth. Its diversity of old indigenous trees attracts numerous mammal and 105 bird species inclusive of greater Congo parrot, Common Bulbul, Red-eyed Dove, Rueppell’s Glossy-starling, Northern Grey-headed Sparrow, Hadada Ibi, Black kite and Bronze Munia. Among the astonishing views you will get from here is Kampala’s skyline and mansions that dot Kololo hill. From Bahai, the national mosque atop Old Kampala hill looks like an emerald among corals.


A visit to Bahai is incomplete with a tour of its terrace limbo. It is dotted with graves with of heroes of the faith. One such is the grave of Enoch Olinga which is made of concrete shaped with the map of Africa. He is remembered for translating the Baha u’ allah to various dialects across Africa. This popularised Bahai in Uganda thereby overshadowing President Iddi Amin’s agenda of Islamizing Uganda. This cost Olinga and his two sons their lives in 1979, after which they were buried in this graveyard.

What to know

Bahai is only open for day time visits. At night it is closed.

Taking wedding photos in Bahai's scenic gardens is no longer allowed.



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