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5 cozy boat adventures: experience a tranquil Uganda

Are you looking to honeymoon? Is it love you want to celebrate? See, love will bring out the best in us! It really does. But first it fills us with a happiness that uplifts, especially during low moments.

And what better way to express this love than by taking a boat cruise? Uganda's lakes and rivers are more than just waters, they comes with scenaries to die for. Tranquility takes center, the breeze is soothing, the beauty simply out of this world and the experience sticks to mind. Join the View Uganda team on a five day boat cruise.

 1. Canoe cruise on Lake Mulehe, so picturesque!

It captures your heart with intriguing sights and sounds of Lake Mulehe. Found in Kisoro District(South-Western Uganda), it is a scenic crater lake that has a healing effect on the mind, body and soul.  

You will have a calm paddle aboard a dug- out canoe that is small and made for an intimate connection. Be prepared to get award winning pictures of green hilly landscapes with plantations of irish potatoes on their faces.  The bonus is a mix of dormant and active volcanoes that perfected the beauty of Virunga region with their sky hugging summits. In their shadows are well organized villages of locals, most of whom hail from Bafumbira tribe. 


 As the sun rises gloriously, it creates clear blue skies which is beautifully reflected in this lake. This creates a powerful and energizing environment for adventure and re-discovery of one another.  

As you ride on, you will encounter lots of birds with soothing music for your soul, like the malachite kingfisher. But that's half the story. The trip is just what you need to cool off and reflect on how far your relationship has come. Why? As opposed to being powered by a motorized engine which would disturb your peace, the canoe is steered by paddles. 

 The Kayaking option is equally so much fun, a great physical workout too! There is enough paddling to do. Throughout, you will be in the company of an extremely enthusiastic guide who is knowledgeable about the area. 

If you love swimming, you can take advantage of the lake's bilharzia free state and jump in for a refreshing dip. The fish are quite curious and swim right up to yoo- so cute! You'll have absolute peace of mind considering lake Mulehe doesn't have any hippo or crocodile. 


Cost: The adventure costs roughly 50,000UGX per person and can be booked through the various safari lodges in Kisoro. 


Join us on the next journey tomorrow….



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