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Number 3: A dreamy Lake Albert awaits.

Number 3: a dreamy Lake Albert awaits.



This is the third of our five boat rides on the waters of Uganda . First was the gorgeous Lake Mulehe. A journey you must have caught or you could click on this link to enjoy .Second is the Wild Murchison falls National park boat ride. How could you miss that , click on the link here in and enjoy . Today  we bring you the Albert experience.



By the View Uganda Team


When the boat docks, we guarantee you will be smiling. For emphasis, we shall repeat: By the end of this two hour trip, the memories you would have collected will leave you smiling. It starts with encountering of plenty wildlife whilst still ashore; reptiles, birds, you name them, exciting! But that you will soon learn is just a teaser; this entire experience is capped with thought-inducing sunsets and pure relief. A tangle with nature, a sun so soothing you wonder into the what-ifs of life. You live and let live whilst on the waters of Lake Albert.


It remains one of the most informative sightseeing tours in Western Uganda. Offering a relaxing way to learn about puzzling tectonic earth movements that led to the formation of the Albertine rift valley. It takes place aboard a wooden boat powered by twin turbo engines. What a gentle experience this boat, managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority, provides. Arguable the most stable boats on Ugandan waters that boast of a comfort so fulfilling it allows for dreams.  


The adventure is fun and exciting, but also informative. The guides on site know so much about the area. You will be impressed by how they value the environment, and the special role that each animal in Semuliki National Park has in sustaining its eco-system.


The cruise unfolds at a gentle pace, allowing you to see all types of birds that prey on fish possible. The biggest highlight is spotting Uganda's most sought after species, the shoebill. Imagine encountering a pre-historic bird that has defied odds and outlived extinction since the time dinosaurs still walked the earth. 


The longevity of the tour is perfect. It is long enough to allow you see all the animals on your bucket list but also short enough not to make you bored.

Cost: The tour costs roughly 50,000 UGX and can be booked through the luxury lodges in the park. One such lodge is Ntoroko Game Lodge.


It continues tomorrow... who wants to go Sports Fishing on Lake Victoria?



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