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The She Cranes dared to soar high

 By View Uganda Team

 There uniform a true picture of the national colours; black, yellow and red. Their spirit every bit a mimicry of the fight and strength of the Ugandan. Their ability to rise through all the challenges is everything the Ugandan is. We are talking netball here, the Country’s netball team, also fondly called the She Cranes.

 For those that missed, the team, captained by the talented Peace Proscovia has been soaring high in Liver Pool, United Kingdom. Never mind that football had somehow overshadowed this beautiful game, the girls put up a spirited fight. Though they will be finishing 7th at the on-going World Cup, this is a stride ahead from the last time where they finished 8th. To finally get here though, they had to beat Zimbabwe in what would be their 4th win in eight games played.


Online site PML Daily caught a bite from the ecstatic She Cranes assistant coach Nelson Bogere, about finishing 7th. “We came here wanting to do better than in 2015 and we have managed to achieve that,” Said Bogere. “It has been a tough tournament but it’s not that we didn’t expect it.


One of the stars of the game, also the center of the team, Stella Oyella didn’t just think this was good for Uganda, but said that Africa is rising. “It’s been amazing, and so competitive from day one,” she told the organisers of the tournament. “Africa is rising – though we are competing with each other, we come from Africa, and we like to keep that bond together.”  

This is the most they have won since making their debut in 1979. This had many wondering if Government should actually put more strength into athletics and games like netball. Asked what she thought was most important about this game, Peace Proscovia, the team’s captain, also among those chosen as ambassadors of the game internationally, said it was the fact that it unifies many women.




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