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A touristic story of Ugandan money and what you missed

We have been running a series if stories on the touristic journey our currency boasts of. To ensure all and sundry partake in the picturesque, cultural and wildly Ugandan trip these notes depict, we decided to drop them one after the other. In case you missed, here’s a summary of the voyage therein, the depth of the notes, yes skin deep. Don’t shy away, grab your note, look in detail and see what we see: the glory that is the Pearl of Africa. From Uganda Kobs to Fish, to Gorillaz to long-horned cows, then Waterfalls to Creator Lakes, you name it, the Ugandan notes have it.


By View Uganda

Three things stand out in the one thousand shillings notes, but hard to miss is the historical attributers therein. First is the Historical Monument, a thing that graces all the other notes. True, like all the other currencies, the back of the one thousand note bears an illustration of the Equator. This is in honour of the fact that Uganda is among the 11 countries in the world that boasts of both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Special thanks to the Equator that passes through it. The world has 195 countries. Among the well-developed vantage points where you can experience the Equator in Uganda include Masaka, Entebbe and Mountain Rwenzori.

Standing tall for all to see in this boisterously blue note is the patriotic monument, fondly called the Independence Monument. It is the most visible monument on the note is the Independence statue, as featured on the extreme left of its back. Found along Speke Road, the monument measures six metres high and commemorates the state of self-leadership Uganda attained from Britain on 9th October 1962.

It’s the green and the life it exudes. It’s the material, culture and Mountain Rwenzori, a place for gods of Bakonzo tribe that will stand out in this note. The five thousand note boasts of the picturesque Mountain Rwenzori, a collection of Towering, mesmerizing Block Mountains with an hourglass shape. It is found in the Albertine Rift Valley and is the country's highest Mountain, standing at an altitude of 5,109meters above sea level. The Bakonzo, a local tribe that lives around the mountain believe it is home to their god, Kitasamba, son of Nzururu.

The story of this note begins deep in Kapchorwa district, on a falls called Sipi Falls. The falls, a series of three waterfalls flowing off the edge of Mountain Elgon National Park is nothing short of breath taking. One of Uganda’s most visited falls, attracting over 10,000 tourists annually. It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore that Sipi was chosen to feature on the Shs10,000 note.


Another tale of the flora and fauna-crater lakes, this is what the Shs20, 000 note stands for. See, for over 20 times now, Uganda’s Albertine Rift Valley has been profiled among the 10 places on Earth with the most beautiful crater lakes. On the Shs20,000 note is Lake Nyinambuga, a crater found in Rutoto sub-county in Rubirizi District in the western part of the country. What a beauty!

The mountain gorillas, a treasure bequeathed the pearl of Africa. What makes them a big deal is that Uganda is home to more than 50% of world’s remaining Mountain Gorilla Species. So being the country’s highest denomination, the Shs50.000 note deserves to have the mountain gorilla.


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