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At least give us half a rolex!


By Our Staff

A one James Muhindo couldn’t take the disappointment at arriving and alighting off a Uganda Airlines flight without tasting rolex. Even worse, there was a sweet aroma of the rolex, one of the favorites of the Ugandan street foods, but non to be eaten. Not that it had to be a whole rolex, he laments that at

least it should have been half a rolex!

 Of the entire ordeal, Muhindo wrote thusly:

“We need fairness and equality on #UgandaAirlines.

Like many (patriotic) Ugandans would be, I happily took my isle seat in Economy, just two rows behind the Business class. With so much expectation, I knew that once we are done with the tense and always scary takeoff, I would have the privilege of eating a Rolex, a mile high in the sky. Charity M had even requested that I keep for her some piece of Rolex on the return trip.

To my utter surprise and disappointment, the best I got of a Rolex was the aroma (kawowo) from behind the curtains that separates "us from them". This was worsened by the fact that I was seated next to the isle (corridor) next to business class so I knew there were roles being eaten, a curtain away. I accepted my fate and humbly sat and drunk my back tea and a bun (in picture). Its until my brother Dani El Muta shared the other photo that I decided to speak for the real #SilentMajority.

"Our" demand(s) is/are that the management of Uganda Airlines should starting serving at least half a Rolex in Economy. Otherwise, it feels good to fly Uganda Airlines. The flight was on time, comfortable, and had a friendly crew (save for the "broken English of course). I would choose it any day anytime, but we need at least #halfRola.”


The response

Note that rola is Uganda’s urban youth slung for rolex; so half a rola would to be half a rolex. Sadly this demand for even half was first met with what many half called a harsh response. The Airline response: “Hello James, thank you for choosing us as your airline. We appreciate all your support. However, for now, Rolex remains the luxury of the Business class. Please book a Business Class ticket to enjoy this delicacy. Hope to see you again.”

This response would then lead to the post going viral as many joined to lament along adding the hashtag #HalfRola to each post. Muhindo would then share each of these on his wall. "If Uganda Airlines can't afford a Rolex for every passenger, how will they afford spare tyres?"A one Sseruyange wrote. "The rich (in Uganda) eat chicken. Rolex has always been our food us bantu bawansi (ordinary citizens)," a one Salwa also complained.

Eventually the Airline would do better and explain that for short journeys like the one to Bujumbura that now took 45 minutes, it was hard to warm and serve everyone on board. But that they would do this once the bigger planes and longer roots were introduced. 

This would evolved into a more comical phase with Ugandans now asking for the secret ingredient; raw tomatoes, or as they call it in Luganda, Nyanya Mbisi. “The request was for a #HalfRola but some people are saying Uganda Airlines should even put Nyanya Mbisi. Really..!” Muhindo comically notes.


Rolex is an egg wrap. Wheat all purpose flour (chapatti) is made into a dough, rolled out and fried, then an egg omelet is made and finished off with the chapati wrap. You can’t talk Ugandan street food and not talk rolex.

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