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The president of Uganda prohibited private car use .

Points noted from the President's address to the nation on Monday 30.03.2020 at 8PM
1.  Nobody to move - even with private cars or boda-bodas from 10:00 pm tonight for 14 days!

 2.  Shopping malls, arcades closed for 14 days;

3.  All Non-food shops or stores not to open for 14 days; Only food shops selling agricultural, veterinary and pharmaceuticals may stay open, but with Social Distancing; Home deliveries could be considered;

4.  Supermarkets may stay open but with SOPs observed;

5.  Established food markets may stay open - 4 metre distancing must be observed - and the corresponding vendors must not go home for 14 days;

6.  Factories must

7.  Salons, lodges and hotels closed for 14 days;

8. Government offices to close;

9.  Construction sites must be suspended;

10. Essential services - banks, security, garbage collection, petrol stations, may operate; UNRA, Funeral Services, medical;

11. Cargo transport by planes, trucks and motorcycles may continue - planes to have only the crew

12. No more than 5 people gatherings prohibited;

13.  From 31 Mar 2020 there will be a curfew throughout Uganda;

14.  Private transport may only take persons for medical emergency reasons;

15.  Economic interventions being worked on - including utilities, bank loans, etc

16.  Government workers may continue but follow SOPs; Families of security officers to avoid moving to barracks;

17.  Distribution of food, beans, powdered milk, etc shall be arranged;

18.  Opportunistic politicians who want to distribute food must be stopped by police and charged for "attempted murder "!;

19.  US$15,000 from a Nigerian sent to H.E. today will be used for vehicles; Chinese in Mbale donated 4 vehicles.

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