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It’s Malwa time, aka Ajono!

By view Uganda

Time check: 8:00PM. Location: Nsambya. You dear folks can call this, time for Malwa aka Ajono. Or what you fancy people will call a millet, maize or sorghum brew, it sits okay. A group of men leisurely amble into a reed enclosure that is slightly thrown out of the barracks. Inside the enclosure sits a group of about

Kagulu hill: The Icing on Busoga’s cakey tourism

The memory of climbing Kagulu hill stays arched in our brains. See, just like the Great Wall of China, climbing the rocky Kagulu Hill might look easy on the eye but quite the opposite. Standing at 3,600ft above sea level, Kagulu Hill is found in Buyende District (Busoga Kingdom) about 30kms from Kamuli Town in

The perfect mwenge bigele: A tale of brewing, feet and culture

By Our Reporter

Mwenge Bigele. Get drunk on a ripe banana beverage, or just bask in the glory that is the Buganda culture. Like its name suggests, the brewing process involves stepping.  Mwenge is alcohol, Bigele is feet. But first, let me tell you about Ssalongo Kasanvu Kakeeto.

Mujaguzo Ku Ngoma, the king of Buganda’s royal drums sleeps alone.

By View Uganda

Music they say is food for the soul. Buganda Kingdom is no exception! The drum, an instrument used to command the dancers is mostly a signature tune of the Buganda dance. However, did you know that a slum in Kabowa, Ndeba called Mujaguzo Ku Ngoma, is home to said drums? Many remain oblivious to this little but widely important fact.


By View Uganda

Anything other than eggs rolled in chapati should be banned from being called a rolex. It really should. When you order for a rolex, it should sound like, “… rolex nyanya mbiisi.” No more! Okay, we’ll get back to that, but first, when did we get to the two chapatis and like four eggs? Isn’t that constipation waiting to happen? But hey, not my monkey, right? Have the rolex whichever way you want it, just don’t try to make it fancy. Just don’t!

The Kabaka’s coronation: A sultan, politician and joyful affair

By View Team

What started as a drive would climax in an event-packed coronation for the Kabaka, a king in the Buganda kingdom. First a man, Abubakar Ssentongo would get himself a house. Ssentongo, also a subject of the Kabaka who lives in Katabi sub-county is an old man battling a severe spinal cord impairment.

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