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People & Culture

The Bwola dance: Watch the true soul of Acholi come to life!

By View Uganda

Bwola. A dance with heart. True soul. A dance of pride, showcase and just a little more pride. A leap here and there, but done with technique. Only for those with well woven talents. Not just anyone, no! Bwola, the Acholi traditional dance for royalty.

A bamboo way to the Mugisu's heart

By View Uganda

To the non-Bagisu, the word is malewa. However, the authentic Mugisu begs to differ; the word is in fact maleya, or pluralised into Kamaleya. Yes, that is the food that has the Bagisu, a tribe found on the gentle slopes of Eastern Uganda. A tribe with roots are dug into the scenic slopes of Mount Elgon, where from this food sprouts.

AFCON: Just like that, Ugandans love the DRC


But DRC was not taking this joke lying. A one Teekay wrote, “Someone please ndibhalanziseiwo so we lost 1nil to Egypt and the same Egypt beat Uganda and DRC 2nil each that's the same Uganda we drew 1 all against.” He then cried out, “The same Uganda beat DRC 2nil n the same DRC beat us 4nil. What a joke.”



By View Uganda

Amukeke: May the real Iteso stand up!

Note however that no one, not even those who have done it for a while, dare to eat amukeke without some water or tea on the side. You could choke!

Martrys' day:The Kabaka Mwanga unsucessful hunt.

By Solomon Oleny

 It started from Mulungu. On Tuesday, 25th May 1886, a very excited Kabaka Mwanga  suddenly decided to go hippocampus hunting. Unfortunately, hippo was not sighted and that set Mwanga on a rage spree.

Martrys' Day : More than just Namugongo

At the mention of Martyrs’ day, the location Namugongo is the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that Kampala has lots of other sites where more than 20 Christian martyrs lived and some later killed in 1980.

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