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Uganda's 2019 tourism in a flash

 Murchison falls

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About 1.8million tourists and 1.35billion shillings in the bag. Many still believe tourism can fetch more, rightly so; these numbers have been steadily growing for the last years. Sadly many worry this could easily take a nose-dive if Government seizes to be deliberate about growing the industry.

The vultures are circling: Have you visited Murchison falls yet?

By Caroline Ariba

Not many words will be needed to express how very easily we could lose Murchison falls. So, question: have you visited Murchison falls yet? I mean, while it is still intact, have you seen its thunderous glory?  Forget the first shut down, this conversation is fully back on the table. We could actually lose the

Uganda Tourism Board eyes Middle East market


It's clear as day that Uganda's tourism sector needs all the marketing it can get, and in this very spirit, a campaign by the body at the helm of marketing Uganda caught our eye. As countries like Rwanda look to the European markets, Uganda is looking to tap into the market in the Gulf region to attract more tourists and they have since launched a campaign. 

Uganda Airlines grows: New planes set to be brought

Dr. David Kakuba, the Director General of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) recently confirmed that Uganda would receive two Airbuses next year. Speaking at the 75 year celebration of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) organized in Jinja, he said that this move was so that

'Endangered' Murchison falls national park attracts most tourists

By View Uganda

The Uganda Wild Life Authority-UWA recently revealed that Murchison Falls National Park recorded the largest number of visitors. They noted that the park, which is home to Murchison Falls National Park received a whole 104,000 tourists in the year 2018-2019. It was closely followed by Queen Elizabeth National Park with over 84,000.

Walk into Iddi Amin’s torture chambers


Courtesy pic: Entry into Amin's torture house

By View Uganda

A mention of Uganda out of the borders will call to conversation a name: Iddi Amin. Like most Ugandans, the allegations against the 6ft tall Iddi Dada Amin, a man that is said to have boasted about conquering the British Empire, are tough. A horror, if you like! Now imagine a little place habouring some of the atrocities alleged against this former president of Uganda?

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