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Journey with us to the wild at a subsidized rate

Rushaga gorilla lodge Bwindi National park 

Yesterday, the world celebrated wild life. Today, we thought we might gently remind you that View Uganda can take you, our readers to these destinations at a subsidized rate to see some wildlife. Yes, we are subsidizing for our readers! 

The wild Lodges

Rushaga gorilla lodge Bwindi National park 

Pian Upe: A beauty worth the journey

Pic by Habari uganda tours 

By Solomon Oleny

It is known, a common understanding generally, that world over, the most prized of treasures are not within easy reach. Think of diamond and gold as an examples, yeah? It takes lots of resources, time and dedication before one can have these jewels. But, aren’t they are worth every sweat? Precious jewels aside, did you know Uganda has many of those mostly curved into its boastful tourism sector.  One such is Pain Upe Wildlife Reserve, a conservancy in Eastern Uganda.

Five spots on the wild and tranquil Ugandan waters

Is it a honeymoon? Is it love you want to celebrate? What better way to express this  than by taking a boat cruise? Uganda's lakes and rivers are more than just waters, they come with scenaries to die for. Tranquility takes center, the breeze is soothing, the beauty simply out of this world and the experience sticks to mind. But the wild is magical too. Join the View Uganda team on a five spot boat cruise.

What has the Indian Ocean got to do with locusts

courtesy pic

By Caroline Ariba

As Uganda battles a bellicose swarm of plant-scavenging locusts, questions must surely be asked. Sadly, on a very disturbing note, that is, the actual topic that ought to be taking center, remains mostly shelved. Shall we finally see the real discussion happening in Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia and South Sudan? Could it maybe gain more prominence through the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), a body that brings most of these countries together? “But why not just talk killing locusts?” you might be wondering.

The unwanted ‘guests’ finally arrive: Locusts in Uganda

By Grace Akol Ogwang

When news of desert locusts combing through neighboring Kenya reached, it was their next destination that worried many. Said to be traveling over 100 kilometers each day, the plant scavenging swarm of locusts were headed for Uganda. And yesterday, on Sunday, 9th-Febuary-2020, they made their grand-entrance through the North Eastern Karamoja region. As is the norm these days, the news started trickling in through Social Media.

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