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Photo from Observer

In what could pass for a subtle rant, government mouth-piece, Ofwono Opondo voiced his concerns at what he termed ‘flip-flopping” by Ugandan ministers on the Murchison Falls issue. He echoed many a Ugandan’s cry on the issue surround falls being reduced to a dam. The indecision, the sneaky

West Nile's secret: Mount Wati and Miriadua Falls

Internet photo

By Our Reporter

My very first mountain climbing attempt was Mount Wati, in Arua district, West Nile. Mount Wati stands at approximately 1,250 meters above sea level and it is believed that back in the day, rebels used to hide in the mountain to monitor advancing government soldiers. Today, the mountain makes for a

A white water rafting experience

Are you in Uganda? Then you just can't miss this awesome dose of adrenaline rush. Many even call it the top adventure to do in Uganda’s adventure capital, Jinja. It entails overriding 8 major rapids of river that are well spaced over a scenic 24 kilometer stretch. Regardless of whether you chose the


BY Our Reporter

UWA, the body that manages the country’s wildlife recently released 5 Rothschild giraffes into the North Eastern Uganda based Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. This reintroduction exercise will now bring the total number of giraffes to 15, 10 of which are females.

A flooding Kampala should worry us all


Internet photo

By Caroline Ariba

I watched with a pained heart as pictures of a flooding Kampala sauntered back and forth on the various social media streets. Like most of our realities, these had soon been turned into memes, hilarious memes. Boda-boda riders and obviously desperate passengers ploughing through the murky waters was a hit.

If the weekend were a bird in Uganda


By Our Reporter

The weekend is upon us, and for the birders, wouldn’t it be nice to try and see what the weekend would look like for the birds? Not that they would care for a weekend, but just to imagine what the weekend would like if it were a bird! Right? It would definitely sound like, Tee-tiyoo-tee… Tee-tyer-tyii… Tyoowi-

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