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Walk into Iddi Amin’s torture chambers


Courtesy pic: Entry into Amin's torture house

By View Uganda

A mention of Uganda out of the borders will call to conversation a name: Iddi Amin. Like most Ugandans, the allegations against the 6ft tall Iddi Dada Amin, a man that is said to have boasted about conquering the British Empire, are tough. A horror, if you like! Now imagine a little place habouring some of the atrocities alleged against this former president of Uganda?

Though dead, the tales of Amin’s era lurk around for whoever wants to hear. Imagine a home, a museum of sorts of all these allegations, right? We are talking about the Lubiri Torture Chambers.  Nestled underground, beneath the western wing of the Buganda Palace, this spacious four roomed safe house was purposed to serve as an arsenal by virtue of its strong built and architectural design.

But see, most of the safe houses the past presidents used have since acquired facelifts and changed into a whole new thing. However, there are those that have weathered all reigns and weather. One such place is the alleged Amin torture chamber. One thing that stands out is how skillfully it remains tucked away from the common eye. I mean even the design, the sneaky way it’s woven into the palace tells of secrets.

Alas! It would be turned into a torture chamber as it is hidden underground and thus hard to notice. Stunned by its location, President Obote would also maintain it for the same purpose. According to unofficial sources, the fallen two time President also used the single door arena for executing allies of Amin’s Government following the effortless overthrow of his reign (Amin’s).

For almost every turn inside the dark hideout, words of hatred cursing the two sadists are hard to miss. They were painted all over white walls of each compartment with blood, some with coal but all very somber in terms of writing style. Most noticeable among these was one boldly written in at entrance of the second rooms eight feet door which read, “Obote now that you have killed my husband, who will look after my children.”

Sadly, according to a one Damalie, a guide at the Palace, “none of the 200,000 plus victims who were brought here ever escaped death. While some were butchered into unrecognizable pieces, others were either electrocuted or starved to death.”  Damalie elucidates.

Tour tips

  • Exploring the torture chamber costs Shs5, 000.
  • The palace is located in a busy part of the city that experiences overwhelming traffic jam especially in the evening hours. To evade the jam, a boda-boda ride is just what you need.

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