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Wild Quest

A flooding Kampala should worry us all


Internet photo

By Caroline Ariba

I watched with a pained heart as pictures of a flooding Kampala sauntered back and forth on the various social media streets. Like most of our realities, these had soon been turned into memes, hilarious memes. Boda-boda riders and obviously desperate passengers ploughing through the murky waters was a hit.

If the weekend were a bird in Uganda


By Our Reporter

The weekend is upon us, and for the birders, wouldn’t it be nice to try and see what the weekend would look like for the birds? Not that they would care for a weekend, but just to imagine what the weekend would like if it were a bird! Right? It would definitely sound like, Tee-tiyoo-tee… Tee-tyer-tyii… Tyoowi-

Meet the ‘designer’ birds of Uganda

Great-blue-turaco. Picture-by-Kevin-Bartlett.


By Our reporter

The beauty of a bird, like a fabric, is in its feathers. However, what screams beauty other than an enchanting colour, right? These birds adorn colours so beautiful they could strut through the runway with such ease. And guess what, some of them which we shall now list are found right here in Uganda.

A Shoebill-affair in Uganda

Shoebill-stork (Courtesy pic)

By our Reporter

To quote the urban youth: “It is not a looker”. Not one bit! How the shoebill stork, (often just called the shoebill), which should be nowhere near the list of the most sought after birds then becomes one of the most sought after birds becomes bedazzling! Oh yes it really is. Not only does it feature in the list of

Ugandan becomes first black woman to travel to every country


Jessica Nabongo (Internet Picture)

By Our Reporter

A Ugandan, Jessica Nabongo has officially become the first black woman to have visited every single country in the world. Nabongo, a Ugandan-American arrived in Seychelles on Sunday. This would be the last of her 195 country voyage. It is believed that over 50 friends and family members traveled with her to


By Our reporter

The day was Saturday, April the 18th-2015 when Letaba the lion first landed in Uganda. The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) would tell of the joy that defined the moment. A then 6-year old Letaba, a donation to Uganda by the Lion Park- South Africa had arrived to help save the Lion numbers from

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