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If the weekend were a bird in Uganda


By Our Reporter

The weekend is upon us, and for the birders, wouldn’t it be nice to try and see what the weekend would look like for the birds? Not that they would care for a weekend, but just to imagine what the weekend would like if it were a bird! Right? It would definitely sound like, Tee-tiyoo-tee… Tee-tyer-tyii… Tyoowi-

tyee… Tee-teeyoo-tyoowi… Tay-tiyoo-tay. Yeah?

 Doherty’s Bushshrike loves the sun

Like the Ugandan flag, its plumage also adorns black, yellow and red colours. With strong attachment to family and sun, this bird is vibrant on sunny days. Playfully strutting its 19 cm long and 36–40 grams mass, it bursts in the joy of family.

Birders can tell the male from the female as these have crowns atop their foreheads. Generally though, this bird’s unique features include lower cheek, chin and a throat with bright crimson. It is found on the Rwenzori Mountains.

The musical short-tailed Warbler

Quite the singer; like the name suggests. Do not be fooled by its little stature. No Sir! The short-tailed warbler, also known as the Neumann's warbler might be a measly 10–11 cm and 11.3 g, but it boast of a musical prowess. “Tee-tiyoo-tee… Tee-tyer-tyii… Tyoowi-tyee… Tee-teeyoo-tyoowi… Tay-tiyoo-tay…” it will go on inter-mixing with almost inaudible lisping notes. The result of this spiced mixture is a soothing call that relaxes the mind.

Music aside, its most conspicuous feature on its body is a large head with a unique striped pattern. It also has a very short tail and breeds in shrubby thickets especially along watercourses in swamps. From a far, it is grey brown, and dull greenish up-close. It is mainly found in Bwindi Impenetrable forest in western Uganda.

Bar-tailed Trogon

Bar-tailed Trogon. (Internet pic)

The bar-tailed trogon, a name explaining the name, yeah? Its back has a narrow tail with strips of black and white edges. Underneath the tail is entirely stripy. While its bill and feet are yellow, it boasts of a tail long and broad.

If you asked many birders to describe it, you hear something along these lines, “The male's head is blue-black with bronze iridescence……below the eye are two yellow or orange patches of bare skin; above the eye is a yellow or grey patch.” Or they might also add, “The upper breast is iridescent from violet to blue-green; the rest of the underparts are red.”

Simply put; it’s has a fascinating beauty. Bwindi, especially in a forestry area called Buhoma, is where you can truck them by their ‘yaow-yaow’ calls while up the canopy.

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