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Jinja Town



Located at the source of the River Nile, world’s longest river and on the shores of L. Victoria, Jinja Municipality derived her name from the rocks that marked the source of R. Nile, now called Ripon fall.

This rock is what the Baganda called Jinja and the Basoga termed ‘Iyinda’ both meaning the same.
The town started around 1806 as a fishing village, in 1901 became headquarter to Busoga Province, in 1906 became a township and became a municipality in 1956.
Jinja has the advantage of having two of its boundaries as R. Nile (World’s longest river) and L. Victoria (World’s second largest fresh water body). It enjoys a pleasant environment with an equatorial type of climate, enjoying two rainy and two dry seasons a year. March to May and September to November are the rainy seasons while June to August and December to February are the dry seasons.

The town, endowed with plenty of natural and cultural resources due to its being a cosmopolitan, offers great experience and exuberant lifestyles. The people are very hospitable; cheerful, friendly, cordial and polite. Officially, English is widely spoken with others and most common are ‘Lusoga’, ‘Luganda’ and Swahili.
Jinja town is the gate to Eastern Uganda and may be accessed by; road, railway, water and air, with two Aerodromes; Kimaka and Kakira. Soon Jinja will be proud to have the first ever-suspended Nile Bridge in East and Central Africa.

The town enjoys close to 180 kilometer of road, which makes it a traffic jam free.
Jinja has close to 70 industries, 22 commercial banks, including a branch of the Bank of Uganda, hotels ranging from 1-4 star status and are affordable, a good number of tertiary institutions and University branches, the great road from Kenya to Rwanda and soon the Standard Gauge Railway station.

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